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Folami’s Sisters With Beauty Interview

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Sisters With Beauty sat down with Folami for an interview that simply left the interviewer and fans speachless. If you ever meet Folami you’ll instantly see why everyone marvels at her inner and outer beauty. With out a doubt this interview with Sisters With Beauty was destined to take place.[…]

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Folami Should Be A Soloist On Her Own Records

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“Bassist Jerry Barnes was outstanding, jamming upfront with the bandleader, and singers Kimberly Davis and Folami should be soloists on their own records. The sound was big, with two keyboardists (Richard Hilton has been with Chic for twenty four years!) and two horn players adding extra sparkle to the mix.[…]

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Folami Sings With Nile Rodgers

Folami Ankoanda Sings With Nile Rodgers

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“Rodgers doesn’t sing much – that’s the job of the excellent Kimberly Davis and Folami Ankoanda, whose frilly outfit makes her look like a discostegosaurus – but there’s no doubt whose band this is. Rogers stands in a white suit at the dead centre of the stage, the architect of[…]

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